Comfort y seguridad para los juegos de los más pequeños.

Ecological system for playground coating resulting from the combination of ecological sheets of expanded cork bark, which serves as support, and artificial turf, which gives the surface its landscape look. This product may be available in a variety of colours.

It can be installed on flat surfaces both new works and restorations of degraded areas

It meets the requirements of the standard UNE EN 1177 concerning the critical fall height for surfaces in children spaces. It is worth highlighting the antistatic properties of its surface, which are achieved thanks to a filling of aggregate.


Product Presentation Colour Units Code
COMPOGRASS P12/49 V (5.0) 20 x 2 m2 Green 686665
COMPOGRASS P12/49 A (5.0) 20 x 2 m2 Blue m2 686663
COMPOGRASS P12/49 R (5.0) 20 x 2 m2 Imbrex red m2 686661
Density 110-120 kg/m3
5 sheets Brown Unit 907230