Corcho 100% natural, que se extrae cíclicamente de los árboles sin dañarlos.

Cork is a 100 % natural raw material, extracted cyclically from trees without damaging them. It boosts social and economic sustainability of areas at risk of desertification. Cork trees are responsible for the retention of over fourteen million tons of CO2 a year. Doubtlessly, the best natural thermal and sound insulator in the market.


Product Presentation Colour Unit Code
COMPO ECO AT 10 MM Package with 30 sheets (15 m2)
240 m2 per pallet
Brown m2 907210
COMPO ECO AT 20 MM Package with 15 sheets  (7.5 m2)
120 m2 per pallet
Brown m2 907220
COMPO ECO AT 30 MM Package with 10 sheets (5 m2)
80 m2 per pallet
Brown m2 907230
COMPO ECO AT 40 MM Package with 8 sheets (4 m2)
56 m2 per pallet
Brown m2 907240
COMPO ECO AT 50 MM Package with 6 sheets (3 m2)
48 m2 per pallet
Brown m2 907250