Sellado de fisuras y juntas sobre diferentes tipos de soportes

Products for fissure and joint sealing on different kind of supports.

To be applied both cold and hot.


Product Definition Presentation Unit Code
COMPOFIBRE Pre-moulded asphaltic putty to
be applied cold for waterproofing and sealing of areas where a bitumen cord is required
50 x 2.5 cm   Box 30.m.l
50 x 2.0 cm   Box 42.m.l
50 x 1.5 cm   Box 72.m.l
m.l. 630022
Modified bitumen asphaltic putty,
to be applied hot, for crack sealing
on asphaltic agglomeration
Box of 25 kg kg 620021
COMPOJOINT BV Asphaltic and solvent-based putty
to be applied cold, for joint sealing
25 kg kg 620023
COMPODUR EPOFLEX Three-component epoxy resin putty to be applied cold, for fissure sealing on concrete and asphalt agglomeration Doses of 15 kg
(4.5 + 1.5 + 9)kg
Doses of 5 kg
(1.5 + 0.5 + 3)kg
kg 343630