Resina con fondo árido, caucho ó EPDM, flexible y al mismo tiempo decorativo.

Compoalcorque consists of a mixture of resins with aggregates and rubber or EPDM rubber in the appropriate proportions so as to obtain a porous and flexible surface which lets water pass while maintaining a landscape look.

The installation is performed on a tree-grate previously filled with gravel up to 3 cm on the sides, as it is much easier to maintain than the traditional grate.


Product Presentation Colour Unit Code
PU RESIN COMPOBINDER 20 l Colourless l 908036
COMPO LSP (To mix with aggregates) 20 kg Colourless kg 229093
SBR RUBBER CHIPPINGS (4-8 mm) 25 kg Black kg 908038
COMPO EPDM (1-4 mm)* 25 kg Imbrex red

Dark grey

Light blue

kg 908041



*Check other colours