CompoGrass Football Synthetic Turf

Goal, goal and goal

Synthetic grass of suitable characteristics and specific for the practice of tennis, paddle, football, hockey or rugby, either for professional or amateur use. Made with a fiber that favors the optimal use of the game surface, also the interaction between the player and the ball, furthermore the controlled glide of the player.


  • CompoGrass MR 60/8.2(12.0) (Certified product by Labosport by specifications IATS)
  • CompoGrass MD 60/8.2(12.0)
  • CompoGrass MR 50/8.2(12.0)
  • CompoGrass MD 50/8.2(12.0)
  • CompoGrass MR 40/8.2(12.0)
  • CompoGrass MD 40/8.2(12.0)

Consult others models and heights.  Custom made with the best fibers of the market.