Football pitches X-TRESS

Tres contra tres

Compofútbol X-tress is an innovative and original sports court to play football three versus three, derived from football 7, in a reduced space limited by walls of glass and metal posts where the ball can bounce, contributing to a fast and funny game.

The playing surface can be Sportlife or Compograss artificial turf.

It has two goals and a central access, as well as a series of auxiliary accessories. Ideal for installation in parks, housing/apartment complexes, squares, hotels and football schools.


Product Definition Presentation Colour Code
COMPOFOOTBALL X-TRESS Mixed enclosure with posts of
galvanized and lacquered sheets and
tempered glass of 12 mm thickness.
Estructure of 40 x 20 m
Set of windowsEstructure of 20 x 10 m
Set of windowsEstructure of 16 x 8 m
Set of windows
Blue 686386