Puentes seguros y duraderos

A great deal of the durability problems of bridge decks are due to the damaging effects that water has on them. In effect, although concrete is a highly resistant material against common external agents, steel frames are not. The more demanded, the more subject to damage these are, being corrosion problems especially hazardous due to the high voltage of wires used in pre-stressed concrete structures.

On the other hand, there are always poorly compacted areas on bridge decks, which may lead to the formation of fissures causing significant impairments and premature aging. Chemical agents may take advantage of these and make their way in, which could damage both the concrete surface itself and the framework. In any case, concrete, when still vibrated, it is not stagnant and minimum local secretions can suffice to allow for water circulation and penetration and thus that of the products dragged by water.

Lastly, as decks are frequently exposed to de-icing salt and precipitations loaded with harmful materials, these can suffer from serious problems on both the concrete surface (carbonation, disaggregation, decalcification, sulphating, vegetation growth…) and on frames or on metallic bridge’s sheets (corrosion, rupture…).

Compotop Bitufibra is a bituminous mortar constituted by a mixture between an anionic emulsion, special fibres and lime and siliceous aggregates, especially developed for bridge deck waterproofing.


Product Definition Presentation Colour Code
COMPOPRIMER Low vicosity asphaltic
emulsion for priming and
support preparation
Container of 25 kg kg 310025
COMPOTOP BITUFIBRE Bituminous mortar based on
anionic emulsion. Special fibres siliceous and lime aggregates
Container of 50 kg kg 210050
COMPOPRIMER VD Fast curing asphaltic
solution to be applied cold
Container of 20 kg kg 310035

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