Revestimiento semi-liso para interiores

Semi-smooth coating for indoor concrete pavements, obtained by means of the on-site application of a two-component pigmented epoxy system without solvents, mechanically smoothed and compacted by means of a special power trowel, combined with selected aggregates.

Area of application: pavements in mechanical, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and logistic industries…


Product Definition Consumption (aprox.) Presentation Colour Code
COMPODUR PR Two-component epoxy
2 kg/m2 Doses of 15 kg
(10 + 5) kg
Colourless 343619
FILLER Fine aggregates 0.50 kg/m2 25 kg _ 343017
WHITE SAND Calibrated aggregates 0.60 kg/m2 25 kg _ 343004
COLOURED QUARTZ* Coloured quartz
Granulometry: (0.4-0.8 mm)
5 kg/m2 25 kg To choose among
our offer of colours