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Road pavements whose pot life is coming to an end or that experience premature failures are subject to degradation, which may lead to the formation of potholes and deformations. When a wheel passes over an existing defect, the asphalt top layer undergoes a shearing force, producing surface degradations which affect the pavement regularity (and consequently, traffic safety and comfort too). It also decreases bearing capacity on the bottom layers which subsequently shortens significantly the road pavement pot life.

That is why it is paramount to resurface damaged areas as soon as possible. A suitable product for this aim is ASFALMIX, an asphal tagglomerated to be applied cold, consisting of a mixture of mineral fillers and a bituminous binder. Its area of application includes potholes filling, deformations treatment, ditches, etc.

This product is easy to handle at ambient temperature, favouring surface repair and adapting perfectly to potholes and to the ground.

Product Definition Presentation Colour Code
ASFALMIX Special agglomerated asphalt for
potholes resurfacing
Container of 25 kg Black 340034
ASFALMIX COLOUR Agglomerated asphalt with synthetic resins Container of 25 kg Red

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